The Gospel and Islam: theological clarity without human hostility

In the last few years the will to smooth the areas of theological conflict between Islam and biblical Christianity has made way. A fitting example is the “Common Word” (2007) document, certainly made for noble purposes, but which runs the risk of compromising a healthy biblical definition of the Gospel, of evangelism, and of the mission. On the other hand, just by recalling the word “Islam”, an emotional reaction of diffidence, or even actual hostility, arises in most evangelical believers. Both compromise as well as hostility are wrong. The evangelical faith can maintain its own convictions without fomenting negative prejudices.

“The Gospel and Islam” is a document of Italian evangelicalism dedicated to encourage the mission without  nurturing resentment. This document, a result of the collaboration between the Italian Evangelical Alliance and MEtA Onlus, has been approved by some important Italian evangelical missionary agencies operating among Muslims. It contains both affirmations as well as negations regarding Christian testimony requirements, based on important documents of contemporary evangelicalism (The Lausanne Covenant, 1974; The Manila Manifesto, 1989; The Cape Town Commitment, 2010).

The document can be a subject for further analysis in churches or for specific seminars. It also is a contribution to worldwide evangelicalism so that the evangelical mission may continue to combine allegiance to the Gospel together  with the love for our neighbor.

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