After the tragedy of the collapsed bridge in Genova

The grief and the committment of the Italian Evangelical Alliance

The Italian Evangelical Alliance, a network of evangelical Christians, churches and agencies, mourns the many victims of the collapsed bridge in Genova occured on 14 August that has brought death and distruction and invites believers to pray for those who were injured, their famiglie and for all those who suffered from material and emoziona damage.

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Among the victims we are sad to report the loss of a sister of an evangelical pastor. Among those who had to leave their homes there is also at least one evangelical family. For these brothers and sisters in Christ our prayer is that the Lord will provide consolation and what they need immediately and long-term.

We are aware that the evangelical churches in Genova are collaborating with the Authorities to bring relief  and a word of consolation to the population. In order to facilitate these activities, the Italian EA has opened a volontary subscription. The funds that will be collected will be given to the evangelical churches in Genova to help with their relief and spiritual work.

Our prayer is for the city of Genova as a whole, for its people, families, economic activities, its political Authorities in this time of grief and research of what caused the collapse. We pray for the relaunching of "normal"  social and economic life in the city after such a tragedy. It is essential that what happened will be accounted for and responsabilities will be ascertained so that tragedies like this will no longer happen. Even more pressing is to take advantage of what happened to receive afresh the invitation to repent from our sins and believe in the gospel (Luke 13:4-5) trusting the only "way" that is open and reliable, Jesus Christ, who will never collapse and who will certainly lead to the Heavenly Father (John 14:6) all those who trust Him.

Rome, 16 August 2018

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